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1.5 Rationale

Posted in MDes Dissertation by matvandenart on August 11, 2010

Simon Hutchins the director of “The Cove” once said: you are either activist or in-activist.8

In our everyday lives we often forget how an individual decision or action can change the whole world. We often forget the legacies of such people as Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther or Joan of Arc which changed their era and even the course of history. These people were not born into high status or did not posses any predetermining qualities. They ventured through their lives and slowly decrypted the riddle the God prepared for them. They decided do stand and change the system they lived in simply to stay true to their vision of justice, truth and belief.

According to Wael Abbas high-profile Egyptian blogger and media freedom activist recently appearing on BBC’s HardTalk programme: “You either do something about the problem or you are responsible.”9

In my master project I decided to challenge the one biggest problem of my era and attempt to change it with all the strengths and weaknesses God has given me. I feel lucky to live in the era of great social, and technological changes only comparable with the times of industrial revolution.

I was born into socialistic country still part of Soviet Union. I lived there through the social revolution when communism was replaced by democracy and when unions and contemporary economic system was discarded by capitalism. I was there when velvet revolution split my country in two. I was there when so called American culture came knocking on our doors, when little shops were replaced by the super, mega, giga-markets, when it became fashion to judge ones identity upon what he wears or drives or where he lives instead of who one truly is. I was there when the friendly face of capitalism changed into the predatory phase. When we all had to understand that prior promises were just the trick to add new market to the global economic and financial system where strong can control small and where states matter no more. Instead, where corporations live in new era of economic and financial neocolonialism operating in limitless geopolitical arena with few constraints, generating profit for few by plundering environments and resources of the world of many.

I believe that it is my duty to expose these problems by offering an alternative visual methods based on collection and communication of statistical data freely available, but rarely clearly interpreted and shared with the public sphere.



8 ) Simon Hutchins, director. The Cove [television broadcast]. Lionsgate; 2009 Jul 31.

9 ) Wael Abbas , blogger & media freedom activist. HardTalk [television broadcast]. BBC; 2010 Jan 10


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