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1.2 Predatory Capitalism Critique

Posted in MDes Dissertation by matvandenart on August 11, 2010

We as human beings living in our own social context performing the everyday roles of citizens, travellers, buyers or workers have to understand our participatory roles in evolutionary processes forming the future of global social, environmental and economic landscape. As well as the past decisions on local or national level have been forming the everyday experience of our social landscape, our decisions will form the social context of life for the consecutive generations. Decision-making with the regard to responsibility to current social, economic and environmental politics and a sense of responsibility and respect to the future is expected to be in the forefront of interests of the leaders on all levels of decision-making process regardless the position they advocate. This process has been struggle from the time the ownership was introduced into human societies followed by invention of currency as a trade exchange medium. These were the times when the evolution of globalization as we know it today initiated.

Human race experienced number of great struggles between ideologies which changed the course of history in last 2000 years of its evolution. During the history, communities as well as countries came to an idea that in order to succeed they have to exploit their neighbours or other nations – this is the foundation for old military empires from ancient China and Greece to the British empire to current post WW2 neocolonialism. The struggle of beating our opponents has been draining our planet of its most valuable resources.

No change has however been so predominant as the change during last 50 years. In this short time we understood that it is much more cost effective to shift our attention from the battlefield hegemony to the economic and financial domination. Army of economic analysts and bank brokers replaced armed soldiers and rockets. The globalized economic arena replaced trenches and muddy battlefield. However, do not be fooled, nothing else has changed. Only the face of the conflict had an facelift to look better when shown on TV. It is much easier for us to see colourful graphs and charts of economic vitality rather than to be exposed to images of war brutality or violence.

Video 4)

We live in the world where more than 200 000 000 of children serve as children labourers working in inhumane conditions making products often sold on our hight streets.3 Economically driven abusement of children of other nations means for the world of our children ever increasing violence . If our current economic system relies upon destruction of social systems and turning of millions of poor children into slaves what is the future for our children?

Video 5)

In may 2009 the human rights group – Amnesty International warned that the world wide economic decline was leading to the greater depression across the globe concluding that we are sitting on the powder cake of inequality, injustice and insecurity which is about to explode.

The Global Humanitarian Forum in 2009 concluded that global warming is causing 300 000 deaths each year. And we, general public, still ignore all these signs and countless others.

Video 6)

This all is happening in the time when during president George W. Bush first 4 years in office 400 richest people of USA increased their worth from a trillion dollars by 60% to 1.6 trillion.

This all is happening in the time when less than 5% of world’s population consumes more than 25% of global resources while more than half of the global population struggles to survive below the poverty level.4 The transference of the same economic model to emerging economic titans as China, India, Latin America and Africa leads us to one inevitable conclusion – our present system is failure, we have not wanted to hear that to provide the other 95% of world’s population with the same resources we use would require at least 5 new planets just like ours but without people.5

One is innocent unless investigated” 6

is what Robert Baer the former Central Intelligence Agency case officer in the Directorate of Operations describes as the commercial tactics/policies of many international corporations in his book SEE NO EVIL written as encounter of real events Robert experienced in CIA services.

When founder and former CEO of Microsoft Bill Gates who decimated and distorted whole European operating system software market by signing secret contracts with all major hardware suppliers was forced to pay highest fine ever-imposed to an individual company in Europe, I believed the justice prevailed. Only later I understood that he was guided by the same strategy Robert Baer so often mentions ”One is innocent unless investigated”. So Microsoft did, and their actions destroyed the whole economic segment in Europe and Asia making it impossible to compete with Microsoft. The fine even as big as this one has not magically resurrected the destroyed segment back to life due to Microsoft’s advantage of market domination.

In the free market environment, big companies have learned that they can deforest great parts of Amazon, pollute rivers and seas or over-fish the stocks, feed the cattle with hormones to gain the market domination and even if uncovered and fined their market domination will not let them fall. Simply because governments realize they are far to big to be destroyed, they employ too many people and what would happen if Chinese come instead?

Margaret Mead, American cultural anthropologist once said: ‘never ever depend on governments or institutions to solve any major problems. All social change comes from a passion of individuals.’7

I believe global policy makers will not be able to prevent future environmental or social damage, nature or human labour exploitation unless the global problems are considered globally based on multinational data source convergence.

The reason why I originally embarked on this exploration journey was to criticize predatory capitalism operating in global arena where no rules stand above the monetary rules. However, more I see the problem more I understand the problem lies in the fact people are not approached with the innovative ways of interpreting statistical and scientific data. We live in complicated world facing increasingly complex global challenges where to survive our brain has to prioritize, select and interpret important data from ever increasing quantities of information available to us. That is why in this project I would like to explore this problemacy and attempt to discover an answer of innovative interpretation method unique to the field of my expertise.



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