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Posted in Uncategorized by matvandenart on August 10, 2010
MFA / MDes
Assessment statement Proforma – Semester

Name of student
Outline statement on work produced in semester
What is your research – questions/goals?
I would like to base my Master year project on the critique of Capitalism in Globalized society. Over the course of human evolution there was number of societal systems none of which was able to resolve 100% successfully pressing societal needs of particular era. We can see constant governmental pursuit for better managed and more just social and economic system. Small issues are constantly in the centre of the heated disputes while nobody tries to look at the bigger picture how the global society and international relations are managed. Capitalism as the economically centred system has many advantages for its participants, which enabled human society to overcome its national borders, and helped it to become globalized. Pursuit for economical benefits however has become one of the main driving forces of western societies in capitalistic monetary systems. Money became the centre of our lives around which everything else revolves. Complexity of the globalized financial systems however lives us blind to the results of our everyday domestic or economic actions to the destiny of other people elsewhere. By my the  project I would like to highlight these issues and interactively communicate and interpret them to my audience.
What were you trying to achieve in the semester?
I tried to research use of digital technologies, which would enable me to establish stronger communication between the work of art (result of my Master year) and the audience viewing the artwork. I have been trying to find the best possible combination of methods/techniques and technologies enabling me to interact successfully with the audience regardless of their physical location.
What did you do?
I have been researching interactive design work of contemporary digital designers Joshua Davis, Robert Hodgin and Paul Burke. Exploring the possibility outlined by video director James Frost in his concept video clip House of Card for Radioheads band where Frost explores transformation of one data source into different form which is then digitally projected to the human audience which is able to recognize and interpret the projection as the original data source. This approach to data visualization used by Frost as well as Hans Rosling in his GapMinder application explores human ability to recognize and process atypical/new information sources and interpret them into real-world understanding triggering possibility of new knowledge.  In my practical work I tried to link upper mentioned visualization principles with the mathematical representation of information data sources explored by Peter de Jong and Clifford in their Simple Attractors projects. I also carried further research into boids and various forms of random particle flocking behaviour outlined by Robert Hodgin in his Flocking project. My practical work combines upper-mentioned principles and theories based on which I attempt to criticise globalized capitalism as well as explore aesthetics in chaos.
What were the challenges?
The main challenge has been to take the design concept and interpret it into programming language of modern computer systems  while guaranteeing interactivity of the designed art-piece.
What is still outstanding and needs to be achieved?
Further interaction models to be enabled for current design taking it from advanced concept stage to the final interactive project.

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